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New, unique 3D model of the train, from Veter Models ! Retro train in the style of dieselpunk. Immerse yourself in the world of long journeys with Thunderstorm Express.

There are more than 7 working units in the train.
  • 3-piston engine
  • The driver's door
  • Boiler window in the cabin
  • Cabin window
  • Hatch mechanic
  • Piston mechanism of rotation of wheels
  • Tender (car) with auto-coupling function with locomotive
  • Freight compartment of the car
  • Reverse

The assembly process is an exciting adventure that everyone can afford. Try our new 3D puzzle and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

Why is this product for you?

Railway, the spirit of adventure with a taste of nostalgia! The power of steel and human thought cannot ignore the adventurous notes of your soul! Immerse yourself in the world of long journeys with Thunderstorm Express.The model of the locomotive with the tender for independent assembly from the Veter Models company will give unforgettable impressions from grace of lines and the maximum detail. Enjoy the running engine, the interior of the driver's cab and the tender mechanism. The model, in addition to moving forward, has a reverse.

the model is made of a hybrid of wood and plastic. This new technology allows you to achieve previously unprecedented reliability and durability. Plastic in the composition, opens up great opportunities for functionality and detail. The model is easier to assemble and it looks more futuristic. Try this technological designer and see for yourself.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

Number of parts: 538
Difficulty: medium
Self-assembly without glue
Scale: 1:87
Model size: 164 * 80 * 55 mm
Package size: 250 * 140 * 30 mm
Assembled according to instructions
Passes up to 3 m
Harvest time: 9 hours
Age: 14+

There are two configurations:
Basic - Train, tender, rails 440 mm.

Full - Train, tender, bridge-support, rails 2 m.

"SpeedFighter" DIY airplane model.
Since childhood, have you looked at the sky and envied the birds? Haunted by the feat of Icarus? Feel the romance of height and speed with this SpeedFighter. Swiftness, flight, a sense of freedom! All of this you will find in a mechanical DIY aircraft model from Veter Models. Take the helm of a WWII fighter jet. Check out the gracefulness of the lines!

1) Running engine.
2) Functionality of ailerons, elevator, rudder.
3) The model is set in motion by means of a metal spring (accelerates to 1.5m).
4) Retractable landing gear allows you to enjoy the aerodynamic lines of the model on the stand.

The roar of the working propeller engine will allow you to plunge into the world of aerobatics.
Dedicated to all romantics and dreamers!

Some of the amazing features of this product:
  • Self-assembly design;
  • Runs up to 1-meter, open doors, the engine runs, visible engine pistons;
  • Moving propeller and flaps;
  • Easy DIY assembly, no glue or tools required;
  • Elegant and modern design;
  • Material: plastic and plywood;
  • Ideal for home display, collectors.


Self assembly without glue

Parts QTY: 562

Scale: 1:32

Model size on stand: 200 * 300 * 350mm

Model size without stand: 133 * 300 * 350mm

Packing size: 250 * 140 * 30mm

Assembled according to the instructions

Drives up to 1.5 m

Age: 14+

Difficulty level: advanced

Assembly time: 8 hours

Chopper-V1 DIY model motorcycle.
The mechanical model of self-assembly bike from Veter Models.

Оptimal combination of plywood and plastic, which makes the model smaller, without losing functionality. The flexibility of the lines, the elegance of the design, attention to details and the operating mechanism, driven by a metal spring, give an unforgettable effect of immersion in the world of wheels, engines and asphalt.

Some of the amazing features of this product:
Scale: 1:18;
Includes 211 individual pieces, instruction manual, elegant box;
No glue required, easy DIY assembly;
Relaxing and calming experience;
Develops motor skills, dexterity, creativity, problem solving abilities;
Material: plywood, plastic;
Much more durable and sturdier than 100% plywood designs;
Thoughtful present for spouse, friend, colleague, motorcycle and toy enthusiasts.
Speedster-V2 DIY vintage car.
Wood & plastic mechanical 3D puzzle
Speed, wind in the ears, adrenaline in the blood – all this is Speedster-V2. The mechanical model of self-assembly sport-car. Made in plastic and plywood, Speedster-V2 is a combination of power with grace, design with strength, functionality with durability.

The elegance of the forms and maximum detailing give the impression of speed concentration, power in the palm of your hand:
1) The model is driven by a metal spring and can move either forward or backward. Additionally, it has a neutral mode.
2) The gearshift clutch is located between the passenger seat and the driver’s seat.
3) Fully operational V-type 8-cylinder engine under the hood.
4) Rotative front wheels.
5) Amortization of front wheels.
6) Trunk and hood opening devices.

Why is this product for you?

The Veter Models "Speedster" 3D puzzle car is definitely a must in your permanent collection, having a gorgeous vintage wooden design which will impress you. Made with premium, highly durable materials, with a modern combination of wood and transparent plastic, this sports car mechanical model is a way of relaxing your mind and enjoying a DIY handmade project!

You’ll fall in love instantly with this deluxe collectable car!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

● Self-assembly, no glue required;

● Instructions included;

● Number of parts: 442;

● Scale: 1:24;

● Size of the model: 5.51 x 9.84 x 1.18 inches;

● Working mechanisms can run the car for a distance of up to 10m;

● All doors, trunk and hood open;

● Drive, reverse, neutral mode;

● Wheels turn;

● V-8 engine visible under the hood;

● Age: 14+.

Racer V3. DIY Racing car mechanical model. Wood & plastic 3D puzzle
This 3D puzzle car is made with premium quality, highly durable wood and plastic, much more resistant than classic plywood, having a long-lasting construction which is guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

The smell of burnt rubber, the traffic light at the start, and the checkered flag at the finish do not leave you indifferent? Fighter pilot’s overloads, exorbitant speed and joy of victory excite your blood? Join the chosen few who have tamed the speed. Build the Racer V3, a model of a racing car. The realistic design, attention to detail and the metal spring that propels the car will help you feel the victory.

1) The functionality of the steering wheel.
2) The model is driven by a metal flat spiral spring (runs up to 5m)

Some of the amazing features of this product:

Self assembly without glue
Parts QTY: 223
Scale: 1:32
Model size 170 * 70 * 39mm
Packing size: 250 * 140 * 30mm
Assembled according to the instructions
Runs up to 5 m
Age: 14+
Difficulty level: easy

Assembly time: 3 hours

Racer-V3 in 3 colors. NEW!!
Racing car mechanical model.
We present you a Racer V3 racing car in three colors: red, yellow and purple.

For the first time on the market of models 3D-designer with a bright personality.With the help of special equipment we cover our designers with quality paints.
So they become even more interesting and
bright. We truly believe that you will enjoy it!

1) The functionality of the steering wheel.
2) The model is driven by a metal flat spiral spring (runs up to 5m)

Self assembly without glue
Parts QTY: 223
Scale: 1:32
Model size 170 * 70 * 39mm
Packing size: 250 * 140 * 30mm
Assembled according to the instructions
Runs up to 5 m
Age: 14+
Difficulty level: easy
Assembly time: 3 hours
Jewelry box 3D
Wooden & plastic puzzle
Do you like secrets and mysteries of ancient history? Are you drawn to danger and adventure? Then assemble the mechanical model “Secrets of Egypt. Jewelry box. ” Plunge into the world of pharaohs and mysticism.
The pyramid-shaped box combines plywood and plastic, simplicity and mystery. When the upper part of the pyramid rotates, its edges will spread apart in front of you and your gaze will see the “treasury of the pharaohs” in the form of a small niche for jewelry dear to your heart.

Mechanical model “Secrets of Egypt. Jewelry box “for self-assembly from Veter Models will be a wonderful gift for you and your friends, will decorate any interior, be it an office or a bedroom.


Self-assembly without glue
Number of parts: 174
Size of the model: 86*130*130 mm
Package size: 250*140*30 mm
Assembled in accordance with the manual
Difficulty level: medium
Age: 14+

Some of the amazing features of this product:

● 100% safe materials;
● No missing parts;
● Easy DIY self-assembly;
● Elegant packaging;
● Thoughtful present for loved ones;
● Features small slot for storing jewelry, smaller items.
Flat coil


About us
Veter Models , creates mechanical 3D models from plastic and wood. Оur author's models, have working units and moving parts with a spring motor. So we are eager to offer you, a complete line of most durable and high-quality 3d puzzle assembly kits, including the very latest and newly released models.

Are you used to seeing only wooden constructors? We want to introduce you to a hybrid of wood and plastic. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to achieve small size and durability. They will look good in any interior.

Our designers have several working units and a motor on a helical spring, which drives the model.

Maximum detail and attention to detail.
And yet, it's just an exciting pastime during the assembly for the whole family.
Our Story
Veter Models started its activities in early 2016. These are models with maximum fullness of mechanics, while the mechanisms are hidden inside. The initial task was to create models from plywood for self-assembly, the distinctive feature of which was the following points:
1. Design. The first place in the creation of the designers was an elegant appearance that attracts the eyes of true connoisseurs of classic models and serves as an adornment for any interior.
2. Maximum detail and realism. If there is a gearshift lever in a car, then it should be where it is in real cars. If there is an engine, then it should work like a real one, etc.
3. Quality. Particular attention was paid to ease of assembly, absence of fragile parts, trouble-free operation of all units and mechanisms.

Veter Models 3D Puzzles feature an elegant, classic design and are the perfect addition to any permanent collection.
The use of plastic allowed:
1. Reduce the size of the models.
2. Refuse to use office supplies, which have the properties to become unusable over time.
3. Refuse to use toothpicks.
4. To significantly increase the validity of the models.
5. Due to the flexibility of plastic, make the design of the models more detailed.
6. Increase the quality of the assembled parts.

Why our models are the best choice
Universal gift
Simple assembly
Unlike similar products on the market, these models come with simple assembly instructions with their own hands, and do not require glue. Enjoy a relaxing hobby after a hard day!

Quality materials and durability

These 3D puzzles are made of high quality material, have high strength, are much more durable than classic plywood, and have a durable design that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.
Beautiful design
Veter Models for designers have an elegant design and are the perfect addition to any permanent collection.Or just a detail of the interior that attracts the eye
veter models
All our models
Each of them is a wonderful gift and decoration of your home.
Video review
In a couple of minutes about each model!
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