Racer V3
racing car 3D puzzle

3D mechanical wood & plastic puzzle.
DIY functional model.
racing car 3D puzzle
Price USD 39
3D car puzzle is made of highly durable wood and high-quality plastic that is much more reliable than common plywood, and have a durable design that is for sure to stand the test of time.

1) The steering wheel functionality.
2) The model is driven by means of metal spring (runs max 5m).

  • Glue-free assembling.
  • Parts quantity:: 223
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Models dimensions 170 * 70 * 39 мм
  • Package dimensions: 250 * 140 * 30 мм
  • Assembling in line with the guidelines.
  • Does max 5m.
  • Difficulty level: Easy.
  • Assembly time: 3 hours.
Video review Racer V3
Seeing is believing...
Technical parameters.
Parts quantity:
223 wood and plastic pieces
Assembly time:
3 hours or one evening
Difficulty level
Easy. Everyone can assemble the model.
1:32 of the real prototype
3 operating units.
  1. Spring mechanism.
  2. Steering wheel,
  3. front chassis.
Glue-free assembling
You assemble the model following the guidelines with your own hands without glue and tools.
The smell of burnt rubber, a traffic light at the start and a checkered flag at the finish line excite you? Does fighter jet pilot g-loads, extreme speed and the triumph thrill your blood? Join a select few who have mastered speed.

Assemble Racer V3, a racing car model. The realistic design, attention to details and the metal spring that runs the car will contribute to your triumph.
"Racer V3" Advantages.
Each and every our puzzle is unique in some way. This section will introduce some details regarding model functional peculiarities. "Racer V3."
Powerful engine
Not only does this model look like a Formula 1 car, but it also completely justifies its name by being the fastest one of the entire line.

By means of shafts system the spring transmits a powerful charge to the chassis and provides "Racer" with maximum speed, thus passing max 5m distance. Try it and see for yourself.
The steering wheel and wheels functionality.
In our model the steering wheel is not just a decor detail, it is connected to the front wheels.

You can control them by turning the steering wheel, thus guiding the model. While assembling the constructor, you will be feeling like a real engineer!
Model dimensions
170 * 70 * 39 mm
Package dimensions:
250 * 140 * 30 mm
"Racer V3"
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Racer V3 racing car in three colors:
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"Racer V3" Racing car.


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