Cool motorbike.

3D mechanical wood & plastic puzzle.
DIY functional model
Racing motorbike model.
Price USD 29
This puzzle is the best choice for being familiar with our models. Easy for assembling, affordable and, yet, functional. The following was included in the small-size model: handlebar, powerful spring, 4-cylinder motor, footpeg, and ultimately – durability.

Try the fastest of Veter Models!

Technical parameters
  • Glue-free assembling
  • Parts quantity: 211
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Model dimensions: 140*62*41 мм
  • Package dimensions: 250*140*30 мм
  • You assemble the model following the guidelines
  • 5 meters at full charge
  • 14+
Seeing is believing...
Video review Chopper-V1
The lines flexibility, design elegance, attention to details and operating mechanism, driven by a metal spring, contribute to unforgettable immersion into the world of wheels, motors and asphalt.

The mechanical bike model is an optimal combination of plywood and plastic, which makes the model smaller, but it does not lose its functionality.
Technical parameters
Parts quantity:
575 wood and plastic pieces
Assembly time:
Only 3 hours and you have a finished model.
Difficulty level:
Easy. Everyone can assemble this model.
1:18 of the real prototype
5 operating units.
A spring.
4-cylinder motor.
Footpeg (for the model arranging).
Glue-free assembling
You assemble the model following the guidelines with your own hands without glue and tools.
Advantages. "Chopper-V1"
Veter Models
Each and every our puzzle is unique in some way. This section will introduce some details regarding model functional peculiarities. "Chopper-V1."
Spring drive power.
Chopper-V1" is proudly known as the fastest model of the entire line.

The bike comes with the same spring as Racer-v3.
But the bike's light weight allows it to rush away as a reckless one;)
Multi-cylinder motor
As long as the drive operates, the four cylinders move in time. Owing to wood-and-plastic hybrid technology, it became possible to create an imitation of a real motor for such a compact model.

A feature we are proud of! The assembled motorbyke does max 5 meters at full charge! The drive launching is performed with a special clutch lever.
Handlebar and front wheel.
In our model, the handlebar is not just a decor detail, it is connected to the front wheels.
You can control them by the handlebar using, thus guiding the model.
Feel like a real biker.
Just like any other harsh byke, there is a special footpeg for secure parking and magnificent camera angles ;) on your shelf.
Model dimensions
140*62*41 mm
Package dimensions:
250 * 140 * 30 mm
All Parameters
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"Chopper-V1 Cool motorbike.


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