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About Us
Our company establishment and development history.
About company. Our company establishment and development history.
Welcome to Veter Models company, a young yet flourishing team of modeling enthusiasts and fans from Krivoy Rog.

We design and create unique models – wood-and-plastic hybrids. Each and every model is the fruit of months of labor and engineering research so that you can get not only aesthetic but also functional item. Our models, owing to the high-quality plastic, are solid and durable.

They look as magnificent as they do on the first day after their assembling. Any of them are provided with several functional units and a spring motor. Your car, aircraft or bike will not only be an ornament to the interior, but you will also see pistons, ailerons and rudder in motion, as well as the models can do max five meters (Chopper)! In short, everything to approach the mini copy as much to the real model as possible.

Our history

Потім зробили Байк. Він був готовий приблизно протягом місяця.

Next, the most difficult for us was Roadster – we spent for it for about six months. At first, it was rather cumbersome. Then we made a smaller version, which is now successfully sold by another company. The Roadster features were as follows: a gracefully shaped mechanics, hidden inside; the gearbox is in its place just like in ordinary cars.

Right after it we made a truck and a train, and we also designed a Cabriolet. At the same time, we’ve designed a Barbie dollhouse with a mechanical elevator. In mid-2017 we started selling it as a constructor and it became popular.
In October 2017, we finally decided to put Roadster into production. We started receiving positive feedback, and we were genuinely happy about our success. In December same year UGEARS noticed us and offered us cooperation. So, in mid 2018 UGEARS started producing and selling the models designed by us mentioning V-Models. Our last model designed for the company was the Butterfly. In December 2018, by mutual agreement, we went our separate ways, but all the models we designed are still being sold by them, and we are proud of it.
In April 2020, we decided to return to the mechanical model market. We discovered a new 3-D puzzle tendency. We combined high-quality plastic with wood as the decor. The combination of these two materials allowed us to significantly reduce the models’ size and make them more realistic. Also, they retained their unique mechanics: the gearbox in its place; the motor operating like a real one; the aircraft is provided with a steering wheel in the canopy cover (cockpit), which can be used to control ailerons and rudders; retractable landing gear, and more. We switched to flat spiral springs what made our models more durable. It's been over a year since we designed our first chopper and speedster models, but they still work like new ones!

At the moment we’ve designed 7 models and keep on designing new ones!

Our 3D puzzles mean not only fun while assembling, but also they are elegant models when finally assembled can be an ornament to your interior. It’s not only leisure, when you are having good time away from cell phones, but it’s also about the emotions you experience while our models’ assembling. Elegant model assembled with your own hand makes you joyful of your creation, thus making you forget about the daily grind and become a child again, when everything was so easy and relaxed, when the most cherished dreams were sure to come true and miracles became real!

You and us are one team, and with your support we can perform miracles.
Sincerely yours, Kostyantyn and Andrew!

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* All model photos shown in this article were taken at the beginning of our cooperation with UGEARS. The photos are for illustrative purposes only. The models’ copyright has been transferred to UGEARS, and we remain the authors of all models specified in this article. We do not produce or sell these models. If you have any questions about purchasing the models mentioned in this article, please contact UGEARS.
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